Journeys of discovery through hiking


I was born in1952 in central Switzerland and went to school in the canton of Bern. After graduating I spent several years of working and traveling in Italy, England and the USA, I am native speaker of Swiss German and fluent in German and speak fluent French, English and Italian.

After raising 2 daughters I completed a school for adult education, earned a certificate as leader for pilgrimages and a certificate in leading hikes.

During my childhood I had many opportunities to hike and go mountain climbing. These activities are still a favorite part of my life and bring me great satisfaction. As I am growing older I find nature and everything in it ever more fascinating and a path to discovery.


As a twenty year old I walked the Pennine Way in Scotland. During that hike I became aware that I felt a sense of being on a pilgrimage. I experience not only hiking on the St. James trail as a pilgrimage but any longer walk lasting several days. Weather alone, as a twosome or in a small group, I rediscover my spirituality, be it when traversing a mountain range or hiking around a lake.


To go somewhere, finding meaning though travel with body, mind and spirit. To create meaning for and through travel, to arrive at yourself.

I am offering:


Everything is in motion, walking for me means:

I would like to guide you in your discovery of new and varied cultural and land scapes, while sharing my joy of being on a journey.

I am offering individualized hikes anywhere in Switzerland

Theme hikes, Nature, Animal world, Plant world, Architecture, History/Culture

Join me for a theme hike; I will plan a memorable and enjoyable trip for you!

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